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The Flowers of War - WW1

This painting has been sold to a private collector. January 2020. It was part of a group art show, "Lest We Forget". June 9 - August 31 2018. An illustrated tribute to WW1 at Mercury Tattoo and Gallery 19 Donaldson St Doylestown Pennsylvania.

Title "The Flowers of War - WW1" - 2018 - oil on canvas - 12x16 inches

"The Flowers of War - WW1"

The girl has gone to the Village of Woesten - just behind the frontline, not far from Ypres Flanders. She has some healing flowers and plants (Rosehips, Deadly Nightshade and Foxglove) in her apron. Medicine to help heal.

When she arrives, she sees that no one is there to save but instead finds grave markers of some she recognizes. They have been decorated with 'War Lace' by the Belgium lace makers who left wreaths for the soldiers.

I love it when people come for a studio visit.

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