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I will be unveiling

original oil paintings for sale

Sneak peeks of the paintings

will be posted here

Stay tuned to my Blog and the Events/News page on this site for

more details about the paintings


See you soon!

alex IMG_1036.jpg

Studio time - January 11 2021

I'm looking forward to having people over for studio visits when the lockdown lifts. I've been busy working in my studio during the pandemic. It's been a very solitary time.  Having people visit my studio is great and gives me inspired energy. 


Gallery show (group) - Lest We Forget - an illustrated tribute to WW1

Mercury Tattoo and Gallery

19 Donaldson St. Doylestown

Pennsylvania USA

June - August 2018

'The Flowers of War - WW1'

Sold January 2020

Alex Adams, 2018

Oil on Canvas

12x16 inches

Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto Ontario, Canada

ROM "Art Fusion Experiment" June 16, 2016

Filip Leu, Titine Leu, Kurt Wiscombe,

Paul Booth, Alex Adams

Pastel on Paper 

Paul Booth, Titine Leu, Alex Adams, Kurt Wiscombe, Filip Leu

Art Fusion Experiment on stage at the ROM - June 2016

Skull and Bones Gallery

Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

"Collaborative Art  Show" May 2014

Titine Leu, Filip Leu, Kurt Wiscombe, Alex Adams 

Skull and Bones Gallery

Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

"Collaborative Art Show" May 2012

Titine Leu, Filip Leu, Kurt Wiscombe, Alex Adams       

Death Show

NIX 2011

The Death Show was a group show featuring artists from around the world

who created paintings on coffin lid shaped panels.

"Lady Death"

Alex Adams, 2011

Oil on Coffin Lid Shaped Panel

31 Length x 10 (at widest point) Inches

The Death Show toured extensively in 2011 and 2012.

  • Hilton Hotel, NIX Convention - June 18-20, 2011

  • ASB Show 217 Greenway West Epsom Aukland NewZealand - November 26-27, 2011

  • 798 ArtZone - Beijing China October 2011

Gallery show (group) - Flesh to Canvas - 1

Last Rites Gallery

New York, USA

May - August 2010

"Crypt Walker"

Alex Adams, 2010

Oil on Canvas

40.6 x 50.8 cm

Gallery show (group) - Legends, Myths and Heros

Graffiti Gallery

Winnipeg, Canada

November 2009

"The Blood Countess - Erzsebet Bathory - 1560-1614"

Alex Adams, 2009

Oil on Canvas

45.5 x 36 cm

In 2012 the painting "The Blood Countess - Erzsebet Bathory - 1560-1614", Alex Adams, 2009 oil on canvas, 45.5x36cm was included on the website Created by Dennis Bathory Kitsz. The painting can be found on this site in the photos section under "A Galllery of Contributed Artworks". 

Article in Community of Bathory Scholars and Enthusiasts, COBSAE Fall 2012,

publication "Gallery Macabre" COBSAE Interview with Kurt Wiscombe and Alex Adams.

Gallery show (group) - Art of The Human Canvas

MOCA (Museum of Canadian and Contemporary Art)

June 2008


"Woman With Cup"

Alex Adams, 2007

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20 Inches


In 2006 "Woman with Cup" was published in the art book "Bella" by Michael Kruse

and Isaac Fainkujen. It is an art book of paintings of women.

Alex Adams currently has paintings on display at Skull and Bones Gallery.

Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada 


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