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Copyright Statement

Materials (content) works on this website were produced and/or comprised by Alex Adams/(Alexandria  Adams) - herein referred to Alex Adams - for the purpose of providing the public with information about Alex Adams and her artwork.


The term materials includes all or any information, images, artwork, text, video, content on youtube, content, audio, or image files. The Alex Adams website comprises and contains all copyrighted ©works, materials, Copyright © is such works, materials, content remain with Alex Adams (Alexandria Adams) - © copyright owner and the works/materials/ content are protected by the Copyright Act and the regulations there under and by similar laws in other countries.


All uses, reproduction in any medium, or redistribution of the materials/works/content of any kind or any portion of materials/works/content of the website of Alex Adams (Alexandria Adams) is prohibited and protected by the Copyright Act, All rights reserved and may not be taken and reproduced without written permission of AlexAdams/(Alexandria Adams).

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